Pay for Five Man Team

  • Each team consists of five people.  You choose your own teams.  Each team must have a captain.
  • Your choice of shotguns and shells.  You must provide your own.  Ammo may be purchased at the shoot. 
  • There is not an age limit.  Anybody under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian present with them. 
  • Fields consist of eight stands.  Targets are low and high.  There are 50 targets per person for a total of 250 targets per a team. 
  • Each team has one hour to shoot all 250 targets.  All time slots start on the hour.  Example: team one will begin at 08:00 and end before or at 09:00.  No additional time will be allowed to keep all teams on time.  The only exception to this is if there is a malfunction with the skeet throwers.   
  • Must provide own eye and hearing protection.


  • Five Man Team- $150.00 *Includes Lunch and 250 targets.
  • Individual- $30.00 *Includes Lunch and 50 targets.


  • Five Man Team- $175.00 *Includes Lunch and 250 Targets.
  • Individual- $35.00 *Includes Lunch and 50 Targets.


Choose one day to shoot! 

Friday, March 8th or Saturday, March 9th 

Justin Monroe and Victor Isler Memorial Skeet Shoot